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Arrived the time to sell and you don´t know with who to go with?

Arrived the time to sell and you don´t know with who to go with?

Has the time arrived to buy or sell property in Spain ???
To have a property in Spain can be one of the best experiences of a lifetime, especially if you are living in a cold and rainy country. The quality of life is fantastic in Spain, the good weather, beautiful coasts, healthy food on a Mediterranean diet, the outside activities and the beautiful places to visit meeting new people along the way. All of those, make part of a life experience that you will carry with you forever in your mind. But, on the other side, once you are an owner of a property in Spain, the time of selling can always arrive, once you decide to move to another area, to a bigger or smaller house or you just want to sell and get your funds back. 
Us, at the Costa Blanca Homes in Spain -Always the sun S.L., fully legal Limited company, part of API ALICANTE (Asociación de agencias imobiliarias de Alicante), Directors and the team have many years experience, recommend you sell your property with a good, reliable and honest company, that has a good reputation in the area. It is very important that you do your research before you decide who is going to represent you to sell, how many connections this agent has with other companies. How many internet portals this agent uses, how many sales on average this agent has a year, what kind of clients, how pleasant is the team when they serve you in person or over the phone etc.
The promise of “I am the cheapest, all the others will rip you off”
There are at the moment on the market "agencies", that promise that they will sell your house for between 400€ and 1000€ and will promise you, your house will be sold fast, statements that have a very high probability to be untrue, and we will explain why:
- The best portals where the agents get their buyers are normally between 500€ to 1000€ a month, if they are using a substantial number of properties advertised.
- A stand on a real estate exposition cost around 6.000€ or more for 3 days.
- The agents that charge too low fees (being a percentage or a fix fee) normally work from home with no facilities, and some with no insurance or any back up on Civil responsibility.
- They might be funded by a Currency exchange company, where they get paid to only list the properties and register the seller to when the transaction will be done, but no meaning or goal to the minimum effort to sell the house.
- This agent will not be able to collaborate with others with such low fees so they are alone in the market, no other agent will bring them their clients.
- Probably the buyer of this companies will not even see a person representing those companies, because for such a fee, the marketing is only digital.
So, for these reasons, the promise of selling will not pass from that, just a promise, and if it happens that they might have a sale in a month might be the best result those companies can do.

Never feel obligated to be represented by the lawyer of the Agency

We believe that to choose an independent lawyer to represent you is very important to make sure everything goes well as planned and assist you legally and fiscally throughout the process so you will not have problems in the future.
Another point is you should never use the lawyer of any real estate company, especially when it´s told to you, that you need to use their lawyer, or you must pay extra or get penalized if you don´t. There are thousands of lawyers in Spain that do Conveyance and can represent you at the Notary and will do all the checks for you, making sure the process is smooth and your interests are protected. If the agency that you have chosen recommends you a good reputable independent lawyer that can represent you, it is something to have in consideration, but you should never get penalized to not go with the lawyer of the agency. If you are choosing your own solicitor, the agency has less administration work, because who is doing it is your solicitor. You can also do your searches on lawyers of the area, same as you have done to choose the agency.

Chose whatever way you feel is the best to you but consider these recommendations by an expert in house selling in Spain. Firstly, ask for your free evaluation and consider what is the best option for you.

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