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Covid 19 Spain update

Covid 19 Spain update

Where do I start, as we are all aware, we here in Spain like all other countries are feeling low

regarding the situation with the Covid 19 pandemic.

I have been inundated with questions around the current situation. Personally we here in Spain

would like to thank the government for the swift action, taking control and eventually destroying the

passing of the virus. Lots of people at the start were saying that there were extreme measures that

the government took, now we all understand it was the correct way. I personally have been

overwhelmed by the communities that have come together staying at home through the isolation

period and supporting this decision to the highest level, it has certainly brought Spanish and ex pats

to become one big family.

Everything from the fantastic job the hospital staff and Policia Local, Guardia Civil, actually all

uniformed services and local supermarkets, farmacia etc that have remained superb in allowing all

the locals to have access to what we may need on a daily basis. We have witnessed lots of videos

doing the rounds on social media which brings a tear to most people’s eyes. The emergency services

getting standing ovations from rooftops and terraces from the residents, supermarket staff putting

smiles on faces dancing in the aisles whilst creating a sense of community spirit. I have never been

prouder of being a Spanish resident. The whole country has adhered to the rules that we all have to

follow, school closures, businesses closures and working from home, whatever it takes to stop the

spread of the virus.

I have been also asked the question from past and present clients regarding the property market, my

personal opinion remains the same, Once Spain has passed this period the property market will be

so much stronger, and the properties will continue to grow as it has done since the property crash of

2007/2008, one thing we are guaranteed is the weather, approximately 320 days of sunshine per

year. Property at fantastic prices compared to other countries, and outgoing costs over the year are

so low, the cost of living we personally feel is around 50% cheaper than in the UK.

● The number of sales inscribed in the Land Registry in October rose by 17% compared to the

same month last year, According to the latest figures from the National Institute of Statistics

(INE), the number of sales.

● New home sales were up 15% to 7,971 and resales up 17% to 43,536. Growth was

particularly strong in the Alicante region.

The only thing we see changing at present is the exchange rate, but let’s not forget this isn’t the first

time this has happened, just a few months ago the rate from sterling to euro was almost 1 for 1, but

again once the dust settled the rate stabilized once more, benefiting the buyers once again.

We at Costa Blanca Homes in Spain remain on hand for all your questions and requirements and

continue to look to the future in a positive manner, continuing to make peoples dreams a reality, in

finding our clients their dream home in the sun.


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